learn Hyper Text Markup Language

Why do you need to learn Hyper Text Markup Language?

Hyper Text Markup Language was created in the first place to improve the structure and information with the purpose of sharing and transferring resourceful information worldwide. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and it is used to develop web pages. So most programmers and web designers use the language. People use various ways to promote their business works or their skills in order to earn money. So websites play an important role in that. The pages could be customized and it is one of the best ways to attract clients and customers since it is the most basic social media platform for globalization.

Hyper Text Markup Language is used in many applications

It is used in gaming to improve and develop gaming apps and other software. Apart from that, when you load a web page, you can read or refer it without a network connection (offline). It is also responsive, as it could work on several platforms like phones, tabs, laptops and other electronic devices in a user-friendly screen. So, Hypertext markup language help web designers and programmers to insert various links into a website.  It is more convenient to scroll the website and read.

HTML elements and tags.

Elements usually consist of a starting tag and an ending tag. Where you can insert the characters in between. Hypertext markup language tags are used to mark the start and the end of an element.  However, HTML tags do not always have an end tag.

For example; <br> tag could be used without an end tag which means </br>. And there are certain types of tags which is being used to insert a picture, video, a horizontal or vertical line in a website.
Examples; <image> , <hr>

Elements in a hypertext markup language is being used for various purposes as talked previously.

• To Write text on an image.
•Insert an image or a video.
• To align, underline, and bold texts.
• design a paragraph font colorfully.
Are some of its’ uses.


Hyper Text Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheet are two technologies that is used in designing web pages. Cascading style sheet is used to present the web pages which HTML has created. So, It is responsible to present the documents which have been structured by Hyper Text Markup Language. CSS, Cascading Style sheet defines on how the web pages should have appeared on a website. It instructs the website on how the HTML must appear in a page. CSS can be used in designing the font, adding or splitting columns, to add animations and other decorations to the website.

There are three types of Cascading Style Sheets.
• Inline CSS
•Internal or Embedded CSS
• External CSS

They could control font, color, background, border, display, margin, opacity, overflow, padding and more.  It could control multiple pages at a time. Cascading Style Sheet can be used in  three methods, linked, embedded and inline.

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