How does HTML work?

How does HTML work?

The Main Task of HyperText

The main task of Hyper Text Markup Language is to give commands to the internet on how the web pages must be displayed. So, The web designer would program Hyper Text Markup Language codes according to his or her desire to create an excellent user-friendly website. There are so many functions and elements to do this task and we call it tags. There are so many types of tags that are used to create and design a website. Mainly the head, title, and the body tag are used to design a creative website. Some of the tags are coded as follows,





And when tags are closed, the codes are changed as,





The closing and opening tags are used at the end and beginning of an HTML file. Apart from that, there are so many tags which are being used when designing a website. There are two types of Hyper Text Markup Language tags called paired and unpaired tags. So, unpaired tags are the tags which have opening tags only like <img> and <input> but for the paired tags, there is a slash symbol in every paired hypertext markup language such as,




<body> and more. These tags and elements work by telling the web page how to display the pages in a website. For example, a sentence could be designed using break tags <br> body tags <body> and even a list of bullet points. Apart from that, there are many tags to insert tables, pictures, and also videos inside a web page to look more attractive and user-friendly.  Hypertext markup language mainly involves a starting tag and an ending tag.

How to add more Beauty to the Web Page

The hypertext markup language can be combined with CSS cascading style sheets or JS which means Java Script to add more beauty to the web page. A text editor could be used to code hypertext markup language. So, There are three main parts in an HTML. A descriptive header section, A-line where it contains version information. There are also several softwares that could be recommended like, Notepad++ Atom, visual Studio Code. Froala and Coffee cup. Once most common type of Hyper Text Markup Language is transitional. Frameset makes web designers to create websites with more user friendly. It contains mainly three parts: A body,

A header section and descriptive information. Hypertext markup language coding needed much patience and practice. Since it is the easiest and best front end programming language to master. A webpage is not possible without Hypertext markup language. So, Apart from that, Hypertext markup programming language could be coded using various editors like Note Tab, Text Pad, Visual studio code, Komodo IDE, Ultra edit, Sublime Text, etc.

A hypertext markup language code instructs each web page how to display and work. So, one can define headers, images, links, paragraphs, and more using a hypertext markup language. Webpage (hypertext markup language) is user-friendly and simple also it aids with search engine optimization.

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